If you love to get your hands on the latest and greatest in apps, you've probably spent a ton of time filtering through the thousands available out there trying to find the best ones that work for you. Especially when it comes to travel, particularly abroad, you want an app that's functional and useful no matter where you are - saving you the time and extra baggage of having to carry and flip through guide books.

The following apps were not only chosen as great problem solvers and navigational apps, but they're pretty darn cool too! So if you're planning a trip to Europe (say, Spain?) or elsewhere overseas this year, you might want to check these out and have a couple of them handy.

5 Best Travel Apps from DJ Yabis at Dream Euro Trip:

  • Musement: Musement allows you to easily find and book museums and art exhibitions, handpicked tours, great things to do, tickets to attractions, city passes and much more in lots of major cities around the world. It’s basically the travel app for art lovers which was just released 2 weeks ago (yes bitchezzz you heard it first from me). You don’t have to line up for the Louvre in Paris or Florence’s world-class Uffizi. Just book your priority or skip-the-line access in one click with Musement. Queuing? Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

    If you’ve always wondered how to skip the lines in museums or figuring out unique experiences in the cities you’re visiting like me then you will also love this app. Most of the major European cities are represented and it offers only the best attractions and tours. Download the free app and see it for yourself.
  • World Around Me: Visual guide for the geographically-challenged. World Around Me or WAM is a location-based Augmented Reality app that literally lets you explore the world around you in never-before-seen and immensely useful ways. It lets you navigate new places effortlessly. Say you just arrived in a new, foreign city and you need to know where the nearest ATM, restaurant, bar or cafe is then this is your app. It pulls data from Google maps and even tells you information like telephone number, directions, address, website, reviews etc.
  • SpotifySpotify is obviously not new but they just started offering the mobile app for free this year. Their slogan? Listen to the right music, wherever you are. Do I really have to say how I decided to delete my 120GB of music I collected since 2004 after they released this? My favorite feature is the Browse section where you can listen to different playlists depending on your mood. It has travel playlists with names like Summer for Hipsters, Your Favorite French Cafe and Come Fly Away With Me. Need more convincing?
  • Rome 2 Rio: Rome2Rio shows you how to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry and automobile. This is the most amazing thing ever. It shows you all your transportation options, how long it takes and even links to the airlines, buses or trains. Super duper cool. Don’t know how to travel from Bratislava, Slovakia to Bydgoszcz, Poland (yes that’s a real city)? Rome2Rio knows. It also has a web version.
  • Snapseed: Snapseed makes any photograph extraordinary. Easily enhance your photos with one tap using Auto Correct. Best photo editing app I’ve used ever. 

Get more fun tips from DJ Yabis at Dream Euro Trip! Which are YOUR favorites? 


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